what is it all about?

as the world is undergoing rapid changes, daily routines have become largely affected too. every day new transformations in our personal and collective space take place and ask for constant adaptation. 


this causes pressure, uncertainty and eventually takes a stressful toll. but we believe that reflecting and embracing the uncertainty helps to discover and develop coping mechanisms and adaptation skills as the future asks these qualities from everyone. 


we found ourselves in the state where most of the daily practices and habits have to be reevaluated and reconsidered. feeling of being lost and confused resulted in an attempt to make use out of this remarkable situation. combining our knowledge with sensitivity, we decided to create a guide, a manual, a set of playful actions and thinking exercises to ground and balance in peculiar times.


this growing collection of shifts, responses, practical recommendations and recipes is an observation of change that shapes the new normality. unfix is welcoming a positive transformation of personal and collective space and invites to practice adaptation skills through cooking and small daily rituals. 


we think that dining and cooking habits can become handy tools in making the process of adaptation go smoother and bring some joy into the process. with this collection of thought and practical advice we hope to trigger your imagination, activate an eagerness to play and raise the awareness about the exceptionality of the present moment.


this manual is created by diptych, an 8 seat omakase room based in amsterdam, initiated by the visual artist ola lanko who expanded her artistic practice into the field of gastronomy exploring unconventional tools to trigger peoples’ imagination.

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